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Rummy is a group of skill-based card games. These card games are best played with two to four players. The game of Rummy is considered the worlds\' third most popular game.

The main objective of the Rummy games is to be the first player to dispose of all the cards in your hand, by picking up and discarding cards, while you form the cards in your hand into melds.

The winner of the game is the first player to accumulate the least amount of points, or the last player to stay in the game without being eliminated by exceeding the elimination target score.

RummyRoyal brings you the first online free Gin, Kalooki (Kaluki), Kalooki 40 and Traditional Rummy rooms! Offering ring games and tournaments assuring that you are provided with the ultimate gaming experience.

You can learn how to play Rummy in just a few minutes by viewing our easy and informative \"How To Play\" section. Read Rummy\'s basic rules, followed by a quick review of the getting started page. We recommend watching our short demos, which you can find with a complete set of rules for each game on the menu to your left.

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